Friday, September 21, 2007

TOFU produced by ri-pin


This is what fresh TOFU looks like when you buy it! The one in the red package has a coarse or rough texture and the one in the green package has a fine or smooth texture.

It was a big surprise for me that some of my friends, who like Tofu, did not know what it looks like in the shop. Even though they are vegetarian. Yes, of course not!!
They are usually not used to buying and preparing Tofu at home.
Now You can start! Tofu is very good for your health.

I usually eat them in the following way.

Red: Nabe, fried type of food like Mabo-tofu etc.
Green: Miso soupe, Hiyayakko etc.

Mabo-tofu (Actually, this is originally Chinese food.)

I usually buy Tofu at a Chinese supermarket at Fleminggatan. Other Chinese shops in Stockholm have this fresh Tofu as well.
According to a person at the Chinese supermarket, ri-pin is the only company who produce fresh Tohu in Stockholm.

Actually you can buy non-fresh Tohu at normal supermarkets like ICA, Coop etc. but these are very different from the Japanese one. (I think I will never buy them. Something about the taste and also the texture is quite different.)

Unfortunately, Japanese shops in Stockholm have this type of non-fresh Tohu. Only JFK has re-pin’s fresh ones.

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