Sunday, December 16, 2007

Japanese breakfast cooked by The Fish

Japanese rice, miso soup and baked egg. This is typical simple quick Japanese food. In addition, I ate Natto of course but the fish is not able to eat this because it is too smelly he always says.

This is Natto (Wikipedia), fermented soybeans. I always have this in our freezer. If you want to try to eat that you can buy it at Japanese food shops in Stockholm.

I was working a little this morning and was stuck in front of the computer. During this time he made Japanese breakfast!
Actually he made Japanese dinner yesterday night as well. He was not happy with his “Kinpira” (fried carrots, read thing light on the picture) that time. So he made it again this morning and that was perfect!! It was really tasty!

What do you put on your baked egg? I prefer soy souse. Please try it if you have never tasted yet.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fried chicken cooked by jordgubbsglass

鶏肉の炒め物 cooked by jordgubbsglass


(2007/12/12現在、まだ少し残っているようです! drpionさんありがごうございます)




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Monday, November 05, 2007

Ostronskivling i Japonsk mat



Rice with Ostronskivling soy sauce taste.

Rice with Ostronskivling, mushrooms and carrot soy sauce taste.

The best is Ostronskivling miso soup!


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Kokt Japansk punpa “Hokkaido” lagad av jordgubbsglass

Japanese pumpkin “Hokkaido” cooked by jordgubbsglass
かぼちゃの煮物 (北海道)



One of my most favorite vegetables is pumpkin. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find pumpkin in Sweden. Some times you can find pumpkin at the supermarket but it is totally different from Japanese pumpkin. It tastes like melon, very watery and sweet. Just when I came to Sweden, I cooked pumpkin with Japanese taste but it was just awful. ojojoj.

I heard that you can get Japanese type of pumpkin in Sweden only in autumn in Sanai, a Japanese food shop in Stockholm. The person who works in Sanai told me that the pumpkin “Hokkaido” is Japanese type of pumpkin which is harvested in Sweden.

I have several types of favorite Japanese pumpkin recipes but the best is a very simple one, just boiled with soy souse.

Kabocha no nimono (boiled pumpkin)

Japanese Pumpkin 400-500g
Dashi (Fish stock) 400ml
Mirin 50 ml
Sake 50ml
Sugar 1 table spoon

*Soy souse (Usukuchi) 30 ml

(You can get all the ingredients in these shops for example.)

Cut Pumpkin like this.

Put Pumpkins and all the ingredients except soy souse.

Cover with an aluminum sheet and boil it at high temperature until the water boils.
Once it has boiled, use low temperature (no 3) and boil it 10 to 15 minutes.

Add soy souse and boil 5 more minutes.

You can eat it just after you cooked it but the best way to eat it is to let it cool down naturally and warm up again before you eat it. Pumpkin will suck up all the nice taste when it gets cooled down.

Smaklig måltid!!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

月曜日の海鮮鍋 cooked by jordgubbsglass



Nabe (Japansk gryta) prepared by jordgubbsglass





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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Japanska mataffärer i Stockholm

Japanese food shop

--- City ---
Sun Ai Scandinavia AB
Tegnérgatan 15, 111 40 Stockholm
Tel. 08 20 28 54

Japanska torget
Tegnergatan 6,
Tel. 08-673 5881

--- Södermalm ---
Swedenborgsgatan 28,
Tel: 08 749 24 44, 08-34 38 15

Korean food shop

Korean Food
Luntmakarg 76, 11351 Stockholm
08-545 938 16

Asian food shop (Chinese food shop)

--- Kungsholmen ---
China Supermarket
Fleminggatan 49, 112 33 Stockholm
TEL: 08-650 36 80

--- City ---
Omi food
Olofsgatan 10, 111 36, Stockholm
TEL: 08-201668

Friday, September 21, 2007

TOFU produced by ri-pin


This is what fresh TOFU looks like when you buy it! The one in the red package has a coarse or rough texture and the one in the green package has a fine or smooth texture.

It was a big surprise for me that some of my friends, who like Tofu, did not know what it looks like in the shop. Even though they are vegetarian. Yes, of course not!!
They are usually not used to buying and preparing Tofu at home.
Now You can start! Tofu is very good for your health.

I usually eat them in the following way.

Red: Nabe, fried type of food like Mabo-tofu etc.
Green: Miso soupe, Hiyayakko etc.

Mabo-tofu (Actually, this is originally Chinese food.)

I usually buy Tofu at a Chinese supermarket at Fleminggatan. Other Chinese shops in Stockholm have this fresh Tofu as well.
According to a person at the Chinese supermarket, ri-pin is the only company who produce fresh Tohu in Stockholm.

Actually you can buy non-fresh Tohu at normal supermarkets like ICA, Coop etc. but these are very different from the Japanese one. (I think I will never buy them. Something about the taste and also the texture is quite different.)

Unfortunately, Japanese shops in Stockholm have this type of non-fresh Tohu. Only JFK has re-pin’s fresh ones.

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