Sunday, December 16, 2007

Japanese breakfast cooked by The Fish

Japanese rice, miso soup and baked egg. This is typical simple quick Japanese food. In addition, I ate Natto of course but the fish is not able to eat this because it is too smelly he always says.

This is Natto (Wikipedia), fermented soybeans. I always have this in our freezer. If you want to try to eat that you can buy it at Japanese food shops in Stockholm.

I was working a little this morning and was stuck in front of the computer. During this time he made Japanese breakfast!
Actually he made Japanese dinner yesterday night as well. He was not happy with his “Kinpira” (fried carrots, read thing light on the picture) that time. So he made it again this morning and that was perfect!! It was really tasty!

What do you put on your baked egg? I prefer soy souse. Please try it if you have never tasted yet.

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Monday, December 10, 2007

Fried chicken cooked by jordgubbsglass

鶏肉の炒め物 cooked by jordgubbsglass


(2007/12/12現在、まだ少し残っているようです! drpionさんありがごうございます)




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