Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tartelette Citron på Petite France

Ojojoj, this was the best Citron Tartelette which I have ever eaten!

I love French sweets!
Unfortunately it’s very difficult to find French cakes here in Stockholm. Swedish people are very good at importing different food cultures form different countries like Pizza, Tacos, and Sushi etc. except sweets. I think it is because they already have a strong “Fika” culture with Swedish Sweets such as bullar and kakor.

When I baked “chou à la crème” (Actually I tried to make croquembouche…) for my friend’s weddingn none of my Swedish friends knew that.

Perhaps it’s changing. “Petite France” in Kungsholmen has beautiful and tasty French cakes.

A funny thing is that Petite France got very high score in Semla ranking.

Semla is a very Swedish sweet bun, which is quite similar to chou à la crème.
Try and enjoy!

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