Saturday, September 19, 2009

Rice with Ostronskivling

キノコの炊き込みご飯(Kinoko no Takikomi-gohan)

Hej, Friends! It’s such a long time ago since I met you here. Now I am gradually coming back to normal life again. During my sick time, I gained 15 kg! Now, it is time to think about healthy food and exercise.

Autumn is one of the best seasons for food lovers. I made simple rice with Ostronskivling today. Smells fantastic (almost like butter!) and tastes very nice.

Here is the recipe.

250g Ostronskivling
400 ml Japanese Rice (or you can use gröt rice)
450 ml Water
3 Tsp Sake
2 Tsp Japanese soy souse
One peace of Konbu (if you don’t have it, you can skip it)

1. wash rice 3 or 4 times with water and let it rest in a basket.
2. cleave or cut mushrooms in small piece and boil together with Sake and Japanese soy souse.

3. put rice, water, boiled mushrooms (with soce) tighter in a thick pan and finally Konbu, then turn on the heat. (middle to high temperature)

4. once it’s start to boil (you can see strong steam from pan), turn down the heat to the smallest fire (or “no 2” with electric oven) and keep it boiling slowly 10 min.
5. after 10 minutes, turn of the heat.
6. wait 10 minutes with out opening the lid.
7. finally orpen the read and take out the Konbu (if you have) and mix it like cutting. (don’t destroy the rice)

Don’t open the lid during boiling and lesting.

Please enjoy!

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