Wednesday, October 15, 2008

自家製酵母パン粉を使った とんかつ

TonKatsu cooked by jordgubbsglass

Tonkatsu is a Japanese type of Schnitzel. It is a littlie bit thicker than the Austrian one and usually made by pork.
Tonkatu is typical daily food and my mother made it when I lived in my parent’s house.
You can prepare it very easily in the following way. Put some plane flour on both sides of the meat after salt and pepper, dip it in beated egg, and then put bread crumbs around. The tricky thing about coking tonkatsu for me is that you have to deep fry them in a lot of oil. To deep fry is a very common way to cook for Japanese, maybe you know Tempura. The problem is that I can not deep fry food! I am simply really scared to get splashed with hot oil! But I found a nice solution. You can put meat on an oven plate and splash some oil on and just put it in the oven.
This is much better for cleaning and much healthier!

I guess you have had stone hard dried bread at home some time. Please don’t through it away! You can just cut it with a food blender or food mixer, and you will get nice bread crumbs! Especially it will be very nice with nutty bread crumbs for example from figs and walnut sourdough bread.


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