Monday, October 13, 2008

Football night with Salsiccia at Ola and Sippan’s house

Since we heard about the wonderful Salsiccia from Ola and Sippan many times, we were really curious about that very meaty dish.

Ojojoj, their friend, Michele’s Salsiccia is absolutely one of the best ever! Even if we are usually not eating so much meat, we will never be able to become vegetarians after this. Thank you for a relaxing night again!

Even though almost half of the main members of Sverige were injured, they played really well! It was really sad that they could not score. The Fish was screaming many times as always, Sippan and I made baked apple with butter and cinnamon! It is very nice to have apple trees in the garden. I remembered childhood times in Nagano which is one of the most popular places to produce apples in Japan.

During the half time, they were discussing about Ola’s correction of drinks and they chose Calvados with to the apples. Cognac was really nice as well.

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