Sunday, November 09, 2008

Pad Thai at time4thai in Birkastan

When I just moved to Sweden, I was surprised that there are a lot of Thai-food restaurants everywhere in Stockholm. I feel that there are many more Thai places than in Tokyo. I heard that one of the most common vacation trips is go to Thailand for Swedish people. Actually my colleges went to Thailand as well. Probably this is why people like Thai food in Sweden. And of course I love Thai food as well.

When I lived in Japan, I had my favourite Thai ( and/or Asian food) restaurant “アジアンヌードル展” close to our apartment. Now I have my new favourite in Birkastan “Time4Thai”. I love “Pad Thai” which is including rice noodles with fried egg, a lot of vegetables and chicken or shrimps. I make it quite often at home and I eat it at different places but the one at “time4thai” is the best so far.

So, finally today, I just asked what kind of ingredients you need. She was very kind and tought me that “tamarind” was missing in my recipe. And kindly gave us the cover of the package of “tamarind” (so we know what to buy) and even some of their already mixed sauce for Pad Thai! Thank you so much!! I was really happy. I will definitely try making it with their sauce and making my own sauce at home as well.

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