Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pumpasoppa lagat av jordgubbsglass

パンプキンスープ cooked by jordgubbsglass

I wrote about my pumpkin experience in Sweden last year. I will never make the same mistake this season but I really want to try to cook nice food from non Japanese pumpkins.

Pumpkin soup is one of the nicest dishes to cook with yellow pumpkins. You can boil pumpkins with vegetable or chicken stock and mash them with the food blender. You can add cream or milk as well.
Very easy, warm and nice. I know usually Swedish people don’t eat pumpkin but please try some time.

And of course my favourite Japanese pumpkin “Hokkaido” is the best. I will cook a Japanese dish this time as well!

Here is the recipe for "Kokt Japansk punpa".


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drpion said...

Ser gott och fint ut!!!

Sakura = jordgubbsglass said...

Tack, du måste smaka!! Du får inte glömma stekt lök i soppan.