Thursday, July 03, 2008

冷やし中華 cooked by jordgubbsglass


Even if the temperature was not so high, it was quite humid today, right? We ate summer food again.

冷やし中華 (Hiyashi-tyuuka) is one of the most common summer food in Japan. This is cold noodles with a lot of vegetables. It is nice because Japanese summer is enormusly humid and hot!!! We can buy a package of Hiyashi-tyuuka with fresh noodles and sauce at every super market in Japan. These are very cheep and quite nice. Quite a lot of people eat it for dinner. Also convenience stores like a Seven Eleven always have ready made Hiyashi-tyuuka and these are quite nice as well. But if you want to eat really nice one, you should go to a chinese shop or a Ramen shop in Japan. Then you can eat the real one.

I went to a Japanese food shop “Sun ai” today when I came back home from work. I found this package of Hiyashi-tyuuka. Even it is not fresh noodles, it is quite nice, I think. One package (for one person) is 14kr now. (it is discounted now).

If you are interested, maybe this is the time to try it! This package contains noodles, sauce and mustard for the taste. So, if you just add some vegetables, eggs, ham, chicken, shrimps.. etc… you can eat it very quickly!

This is how to make it according to the back side of the package (in Japanese). You can imagine from these pretty pictures but one important thing is you should wash the noodles with cold water after you boiled it. In addition, the boiling time is 5-6 min.

This sauce has sesame taste. Actually, basic Hiyashi-tyuuka taste is soy sauce and vinegar. I really miss that as well. I hope I can find it or make it myself in Sweden as well.

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