Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rasagna cooked by Birgitta with Roby's meat sauce

ラザニア cooked by Birgitta with Roby's meat sauce

The Fish’s father Roby is Italian and comes from Milan. Of course he loves nice food and cooking. According to him, ordinary bolognese (meat sauce) includes only small chopped onion but his mother (who is not from Bologna) always put celery and carrot as well. This is the Tuscan way to cook it. I was so happy to here that because I always make frittata for meet sauce with onion, celery and carrot.

Recently we have been looking for a new Kitchen all over Stockholm for our new apartment.
It is very fun and nice for us to choose our own kitchen but it takes time and energy. And of course the biggest problem is money. How much should we spend for the kitchen? Since we luckily got a nice apartment for such a nice price, we do not want to pay too much money for renovation. Packing has also started. It would be very difficult for me to pack with my stomach. Even carrying my laptop to work was almost to tough today. We will see.


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