Wednesday, July 02, 2008

ゴーヤチャンプルー Goya chanpuru

Goya chanpuru cooked by jordgubbsglass

夏と言えば、ゴーヤチャンプルー!スウェーデンでは手に入らないものと思っていたのに、ご近所さんの、drpionさん にアジア食材屋さんで入ることを教えてもらいました。次の日早速行ってゲット。この苦さがやっぱりおいしい。

“Goya chanpuru” is famous as typical Okinawa and/or Kyusyu Food. Goya is Bitter melon which is really really bitter but very good for your health (as always with Japanese food) and of course it has a nice taste.

Before you cook it you should remove the too bitter taste from goya. Put a little salt on the chopped goya and massage the pieces by hand. After some minutes, wash them with cold water and put into boiling water. Then you can use it. Your hands will smell like green grass but it’s no problem, it will disappear after a shower or if you wash your hands. Before you start to fry them you should put tofu in the microwave about 2 min to remove the water from the tofu.

Fry some vegetables, for example chopped carrot, with oil. When it becomes soft, add the tofu and the goya. Then, Dashi(fish soup stock), or Dashi powder, Mirin and Soy sauce should be added. When the liquid evaporates you should pour mixed egg. The egg gives the dish a milder taste. When you serve it, dredge fish flakes over the dish. If you don’t eat fish, you can skip Dashi and fish flakes. The taste will change, but it is still tasty. Small pieces of chopped meet are nice to fry together as well. You can create your own “Chanpuru”!

You can find these ingredients in Asian shops in Stockholm.Just to make sure, please call them and ask if they have what you want before you visit. Especially goya is not always ion the shops I guess.

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